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Not just your I.T. support, your technology partner.

The current times are way past needing the age old "I.T. guy" anymore, your technology partner needs to help you be the nimble and tech savvy business that today's world requires.

Still using an "I.T. guy"? 2009 called, they want him back.

Our Customers

Software Development

Let’s build great things together

Let us take your disconnected applications and connect them. Our robust development team can deveop any application or utility for Windows, Mac or mobile devices. You don't have to make due with what you have when sometimes nothing more than a simple utility can connect you. This is also great for businesses who want to connect their premise solutions to cloud or mobile solutions. 1


Apps Developed


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User Satisfaction

Internet Presence Management

Your business. Accessible globally.

It's the 21st century, and as much as you may be fighting the inevitable you must have an amazing web site, agile communications, ranked search engine placement and social media. Let your technology partner ease the burden of managing all of this complexity. 2

Web and email. Oh my!

If you still have that static circa 1995 web site then you probably don't realize how many potential clients immediately get the wrong impression and move on. We'll build your site and host it too.

SEO. Yes, it's important.

Search engine optimization is critical to make sure when a potential client looks for something on the Internet that your name is the first name they see and your web site the first they click on.

Social media, the necessary evil.

Nobody expects you to tweet your every move or to be updating your Facebook status every ten minutes, we can help you seem like you are without you ever lifting a finger.

Cloud Computing

Embrace the cloud, it needs a hug.

You might be sick of hearing about how everything is in the cloud - but, let's face it, everything IS in the cloud! At Eagle we are cloud experts, having hundreds of products to either fully or even partially incorporate your business into the cloud. There's nothing to fear, the cloud isn't scary and it won't hurt you, it will help your business to be agile, mobile and unstoppable.

Business Telephone Systems

Office PBX and land lines? That's just adorable.

When you are working hard to be the industry titan you dream of don't let a circa 1981 phone system hold you back. Your phone system isn't just the brick on your desk, it needs to extend to your tablets, mobile devices, home phones and more. Take that business call on the beach in Maui, your customer won't know and we won't tell on you.

Partners And Certifications

Names you trust from a trusted name

Eagle has been a premier business technology partner since 1987, it's no surprise that we are certified and partnered with the biggest and most influence brands in the business.

Solutions for Legal

Law firms require highly specialized I.T. and Eagle is the top legal consulting firm in North America.

Integrated Deadlines

The software product that revolutionized synchronizing deadlines and milestones to your calendar.

Eagle Gives Back

Our non-profit titans of industry enjoy all the rewards of our services at a fraction of the cost!
  • 1 Software development provided by EaglePro Software, Incorporated, an Eagle ITG sister company.
  • 2 Hosting services provided by Valnet.Com, an Eagle ITG sister company
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